Testing post from app

First, thank you to customer support for helping me to finally log into the app. I apparently cannot correctly spell my own email on my phone. Not only did they help me, but they were nice. 

Now that I’m here and have a chance to type something, I don’t know what to say really. However, I wouldn’t call this typing. It’s more like thumbing. So this must be what “twiddling your thumbs” is truly about.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this day, this week, and all of my first world problems.

In the name of Your Son,


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I don’t know what I just did by clicking that icon.

How does this thing work? I clicked on the pencil with a plus sign.


It created a new post. Ok. However, I was trying to add a new page. Oh well.

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Scheduled Post

This is a test. I am typing this just before 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 2, 2015. I will hopefully be able to schedule this post to be live at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, August 3, 2015.

That should give me time to sleep in, have my morning healthy 32 ounces of water, followed by 16 ounces of wake-me-up coffee, followed by vitamins and breakfast. Tomorrow sounds like a good day to have pancakes. Perhaps I can use the little Disney characters grill. That would make for an exciting breakfast to go with my Mickey & Minnie coffee cup from my youngest sister.

As a note to myself here, on the left side of my screen there is a box that shows CHANGE STATUS. Under that shows Publish Immediately. When I click on the drop down arrow, I can choose from several options. One of them is called Scheduled and by clicking on the calendar image I can select a date. The clock image allows me to change the time.

Dear Lord,

I pray that I can figure this out correctly so that I can help my friend with her new blog. I’ve asked her to post earlier but I didn’t mean for her to be up in the middle of the night just to post.

In the Name of your Son, Jesus.

Can I make a P.S.? Worship practice and the worship service were totally awesome this morning! (remember, I’m actually writing this on Sunday even though it will post on Monday) I actually knew all of the songs except for the add-on that our Worship Director wrote.

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I remember you!

My friend has just recently started a daily blog of local activities on WordPress. It reminded me that I had once attempted a few blogs here. Once upon a time a long couple years ago. Why not pick it up again?

She isn’t quite so computer savvy but can make do. She’s an exceptionally fast learner, so if I dust off my skills, perhaps I can help her a tad. She has done so much for me in the previous year’s time on a whim that I feel it is my responsibility to take care of her in anyway that I can. She’s also one of those fabulously generous people who has practically everything she needs and desires nothing.

Dear heavenly Father,

Guide me in all my ways that I may pay it forward all the blessings that have been bestowed on me.

In the name of your Son,

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I wrote an email to my best friend:

I’m really trying here…to be a better mom and get my kids outside for physical playtime. This is really hard for me to be outside myself. I don’t like to be hot or sweating. 71 degrees is sweating for me. Today’s high is 89. We’re trying to ease up on the A/C by starting it at 78 degrees because we want to keep the house at 77. But the attempt is to not wait until 80+ degrees and then work the A/C harder.

Anyway, it’s 81 degrees out and the girls are in the pool. With my ear infection, I can’t hear them with the doors and windows closed. Even if I sit in my bedroom, the pool is just outside my bedroom window, it’s hard for me to hear them. So, I have put a beach towel on the ground. I have a seat cushion from our old barstool. And I have this magnificent little fold-away computer table, that my best friend gave me, set before me. If I could clear away more of the glare from my laptop, that would be a bonus. I have a slightly lop-sided section of grass beneath, but if I tilt my head and body just so, it isn’t so noticeable. I also have my cup of tea. The only thing missing is the little paper umbrella for my cup and the cabana boy to refill the tea. Ha!

I feel like a novelist writing a journal with the narration voice echoing in my head. BWC* Perhaps I’ll put this on my quiet blog. It needs updating.

*BWC = Bowling with Cabbage (formerly BWL**) – cabbage rolls easier than lettuce
**BWL = Bowling with Lettuce or Bursting with Laughter

Dear gracious, heavenly Father,

I pray that you grant me the strength, courage, and energy to be a better mother to my children.

I also ask that you keep your hand on my new friend in Southern California who is struggling. Please calm her heart and point her in the direction of getting a job or two

that will support her living needs and her means to return to school and finish her educational goals.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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